Wasting Time In Old Town

I'm the type of guy who tends to go wherever life leads me. Did I say "life"? I meant "wife". This week my wife/life has led me to the Old Town section of San Diego, California. She has a neuroscience convention, and I had vacation days to use. Last year's convention took us to Chicago where I got to hang out with my brother and spend my days working at the Pumping Station One hackerspace. While I plan on visiting the newly formed hackerspace here in San Diego, I am not going to be working from there 8 hours a day as I did at PS1 last year.

All This means that I have some serious time to kill. I have a number of project ideas that I can work on, and I suppose I could actually do work for my day job (although I should probably respect the sanctity of my vacation days). One way to kill time is to write a blog post about killing time. Other ways? As usual, I'll figure that out as I go along. It's an odd feeling that I am usually stretched so thin for time, yet I find it harder to have an abundance of time. Thus far I have walked around Old Town, found a coffee shop, and booted my laptop. Next? The future!