friggin awesome

i just logged in and man is this website awesome. the ease in which i can blog is unparalleled. also the images are sweet and i can blog and talk to jesto at the same time. more on this later

Owning the look

Owning the look

When I told a friend that I was going to be working from home, he said that I need to get a bathrobe and slippers, and "own the look". How's this for owning the look?

Home, Sweet Home

Since moving to Kansas City, I have had limited company, and the company I have had, tend to fall into an even more limited demographic. I'm married to a medical student, so my wife generally only meets medical students or graduates students doing lab work. I work at home, so I generally meet nobody. There has been a gap missing from my life, and tonight I was able to find the missing piece. I am, of course, speaking of the Kansas City Linux Users Group.


Right now I am enduring my first LUG (Linux Users Group) meeting with Jestin at the Kansas City Public Library. I'm surrounded by about 10 nerds of various ages and beard lengths, all talking about stuff I completely don't understand. Jes is as happy as a puppy dog who finds a peanut butter sandwich on the sidewalk....

The Artist Within, and Why the GIMP is better

When I was growing up, I noticed that both of my brothers were much better at drawing than I was. I could could always grasp the concepts of perspective and lighting, but for the life of me I just couldn't put it down on paper. Call it a left brain vs right brain thing, but all my drawings started out well and ended horribly. Fast forward to the present day, where I now draw for a living. Well, that's only kinda true. I'm a computer programmer, but much of what I work on is graphical in nature. However, drawing with computers isn't really the same thing as drawing with paper.

My love of Linux

I'm such a fanboy. I think unless you are a fanboy yourself, you just can't understand. My fanaticism is for the Linux operating system. I love the thing. I was a sophomore in college when I went to an install-a-thon put on by the Cedar Valley Linux Users Group ( I wasn't really a Windows power user at the time, and if I had been, I might just have scoffed at Linux the way many people I know do. I decided I could not break away from my salvaged Windows98 system so easily, so dual-booted on a 2 gigabyte hard drive. It was wonderful.

Working from home

Back in February, I realized that Michelle might actually be going to medical school, and I might actually have to deal with this. I was at a job I liked, and I didn't really feel like moving anywhere, but it was becoming more and more of a reality that my fiance was going away. When she found out she got into the MD/PhD program at the University of Kansas, I was both overjoyed and scared witless. I didn't tell my boss right away, because we were waiting to see if she got in at the University of Iowa, where it would not be too difficult to commute or live separately.

How to be a good house husband

I find myself in a strange predicament. I've never thought of myself as any sort of a homemaker, and those who have been unfortunate enough to live with me can clearly understand why. I'm not very tidy, I don't like doing dishes, and I have no qualms about leaving a plate of half eaten Kraft Macaroni & Cheese sitting on my computer desk for a few weeks. However, I married a medical student. This means that much of the housekeeping responsibilities fall on my shoulders.

Starting a Web Page

This is pathetic. I have been living on my computer for somewhere between 4 and 5 years now, and I have never bothered to set myself up with a nice web page. In fact, until recently I had never bothered to even register my name as a domain. Fortunately, I don't exactly have a name that's well sought after, so I got it with ease. Any web pages I had created in the past have always been from scratch, and using nothing but html coding techniques that were typical of about 1994. All I ever needed pages for was for a frontend to database stuff I was doing.

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