LabyWiinth Update

As to fulfill the Kansas City Robotics Society's agreement to provide projects for Science City in exchange for a place to hold meetings, a few of us have decided to put together a large scale LabyWiinth game. By large scale, I mean around eight to twelve feet wide, and as tall as a table.

The LabyWiinth Project

Can you control a laybrinth game with a Wii Balance Board? Let's see!

Setting up Eclipse For Using OpenCV

OpenCV is an open source "computer vision" library, which means that it can be used to extract information from an image, or a series of images (like a video). A computer vision library has many uses, but my favorite is in the field of robotics.

Pac-Man in Cookie Form

Nerds + Christmas Cookie Decorating Party + Camera =

Waka Waka Waka

Please Sir, Can I Have Some More Tech?

With all the Christmas ads in full force, I've noticed that many if not most of them are for technology products. The nerds have finally conquered, and all the hot items this year are computers in one form or another. Be it the new Elmo doll, or a fancy GPS device, this years holiday gifts are mainly just computers in disguise. Personally, I think this is great.

Let's Not Repeat the Desktop Platform War on Mobile Devices

You can't watch TV for very long nowadays without realizing that the computer world is divided by a platform war. It's only a matter of time before you see either an Apple or a Microsoft commercial trying to convince you that their system is better. In actuality, the products they are offering are nearly identical when you really come down to it. They are both selling personal computing platforms that run on the same microprocessor, support nearly the same hardware, and that 80% of users will simply use to launch a web browser to get to their web mail.

Final Release

Today we finished LandSketch, Eagle Point's subdivision conceptual design software. I have been working on it since about May, and this has felt like a long time coming. We have all the features we said we would have at the start of the project, and we finished when we said we would, give or take a week. No doubt about it; this was a triumph!

Proposed CCCKC New Years Party Flier Image

Proposed CCCKC New Years Party Flier Image

An image I created for a new years eve party flier.

Holy Cow, Obama Wins!

Finally, Chicago has a great season that doesn't end in sheer disappointment. Unlike the Cubs, Barack Obama has managed to pull together a win for the Democratic party, and let's face it, humanity as a whole. I have tried to actively support Senator Obama since the Iowa Caucuses, and I'm EXTREMELY glad he won. That Palin chick scared me!

Second LandSketch Video Demo

Another demo video of my work project, LandSketch, is out. In this one you can see the areas I added, as well as a small taste of the lot cleanup command. I hope you like it.

If this interests you at all, take a look at our development blog, and leave comments to tell us what you think.

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