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Head Tracking with the Wiimote in Linux

The internet has recently been buzzing about the Johnny Lee wiimote head tracking video, as well as Johnny Lee's other work in wiimote hacking. As soon as I saw these videos, I downloaded the head tracking code and started to attempt to port it to Linux. The code is written in C#, which has become a specialty of mine, and I know that the Mono Project is far enough along that you can expect most things to work.

Egads! Robots!

A few weeks ago at a meeting for the Kansas City Linux Users Group, I was approached by Vince Thompson of both the Kansas City Robitics Society and the Kansas City Space Pirates, a group attempting to win a NASA prize for advancing space elevator technology. He had been looking over my shoulder as I was working on a C# Wii remote library that I have been developing.

To Serve and Protect

I had to write about this. Last night, the wife and I were coming back from a late night trip to buy a 5 dollar DVD (we've all been there), and we came across an SUV with 3 distressed women in it. The women had been on a late night trip of their own, when their vehicle ran out of gas. We helped them push the van out of the middle of the street, and then went to a nearby gas station to get them a gallon. As we were leaving, we noticed the police car in plain view about a block away, attempting to catch speeders.

Iowa Rocks (and America does too)

Today I attended the Iowa Caucus for the first (and possibly last) time. I went because I wanted to support Dennis Kucinich, not that he had a chance of winning, but because I wanted to press the issues that Kucinich represents. I ended up supporting Barack Obama, like I planned to after Kucinich was rendered "unviable" (and as Kucinich instructed his Iowan supporters to do). I was proud to lend my support for two great candidates (suckers in primary states only get to give their support to one), and I was pleased with the results.

MonoDevelop Is Nice

At work I have been writing code in the C# (pronounced see-sharp) programming language for nearly a year now, and I have to say I like it. I suppose the reason I like it is because C# is a near direct copy of the Java programming language, and I like Java a lot. C# has been around for years now, but I never could get into it because it was a closed-source single-platform proprietary language.

Did I just meet Dom Irrera?

So it was Sunday afternoon, and I was walking my dog to the coffee shop with my wife. We always get lots of compliments when we are out and about with our dog, because she is so pretty and friendly, and it is not uncommon for strangers to ask us to stop so they can pet her. This is exactly what happened today in front of The Bronx Pizza on 39th street in Kansas City. It was a group of adults looking to be in their 40's, and one of the women bent down to baby talk to our 3 year old golden retriever. As I said, this is nothing out of the ordinary.

Patent Crap

If you are a user of free/open source software, you have probably heard about the problems that software patents cause. I'll spare readers of the boring details, and I'll just say that patents make it difficult for open source developers to do anything because they run the risk of stepping on a giant mega-corporation's toes. The latest thing to arouse my anger on this issue is the recent lawsuit against Red Hat and Novell.

The New Roommate

A few weeks ago, the wife gave me an ultimatum: "Give me a dog, or give me a baby". After doing some legal research, I found that the penalties for neglecting an animal are much less steep than they are for neglecting a child, so we went to the Dubuque Humane Society. After browsing the selection of what they had in stock, we rescued a 3-year-old female golden retriever from doggie death row.


Ahoy mateys! 'Tis near the end of that scurviest of holidays, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and I forgot to smartly post a blog! Now that my blog posting is complete, I have little over an hour of swashbucklin' and scallywaggin'. Avast!

Home, Sweet Home

Since moving to Kansas City, I have had limited company, and the company I have had, tend to fall into an even more limited demographic. I'm married to a medical student, so my wife generally only meets medical students or graduates students doing lab work. I work at home, so I generally meet nobody. There has been a gap missing from my life, and tonight I was able to find the missing piece. I am, of course, speaking of the Kansas City Linux Users Group.

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