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The Foxxcon Conclusion: Vicroty!

The open source world spoke up, and Foxxcon listened. After Foxxcon was found to be crippling their BIOS while using linux, people spoke up with their outrage. I, for one, went to their site and posted this complaint:

Foxconn Replies

After the Foxconn debacle, I posted a complaint on Foxconn's site (and was a little snotty at that). Well, I got an email response today. Here's what I wrote:

6 Ways The Average Computer User Can Help Fight Monoculture

I recently wrote a reaction to the Foxconn BIOS scandal, and I concluded that the main problem is with the monoculture that we have developed in the the realm of personal computing. Rather than just complain about how bad it is, I decided to compile a list of ways that an average (non-technical) computer user help fight the assumption people make that we all use nothing but Microsoft products.

Foxconn Sucks

I'm really riled up about this, so I thought I'd end my blog-leave-of-absence by venting about the recent Foxconn scandal. For those who don't follow the open source news as thoroughly as I do, here's the scoop:

Why I don't have kids

Hiding in the Basement

From the bunker underneath our new house, Michelle, Murphy and I cowardly waited for a tornado that never came. Well, actually we are still supposed to get hit with more later tonight, but I'm just going to assume that I have survived. While cowering in fear and watching the tiny TV I hooked up sitting on the dryer, I posted some pictures of the storm. Enjoy.

"Guy Stuff" and Girl Drinks

My wife is constantly trying to get me to meet new people here in Kansas City, specifically some guys I can do "guy stuff" with. This is probably because she is tired of me trying to get her to do "guy stuff", and she's hoping I can get it out of my system elsewhere. I keep using "guy stuff" in quotes because, A, I like needless punctuation, and B, the stuff I do is hardly considered "guy stuff" by most guys. What she is really sick of, is me trying to lure her into doing "nerd stuff".

My First Microcontroller

Today I decided to purchase a microcontroller that had been recommended to me by Vince Thompson of the Kansas City Robotics Society. It's an Arduino microcontroller, which is a device that can run software on it to control the flow of electricity it certain circuits. This device will allow me to connect sensors and actuators to it, and therefore build a robot around it. So far, I am not too impressed with the programming language, but I intend to keep learning and building different systems with this device, both in hardware and software.

April Fools: Michelle is Pregnant!

I've really done it this time!

Adventures in GPS

About a year ago, my older brother got me into geocaching. I still haven't actually done much caching itself, but I have started to write some code that would be helpful to geocachers. I use the term "code", because as of yet there is no real application that is of much use to anybody. Everything I've written so far is just libraries that would be useful to anyone actually writing applications for geocaching. So far, all my code is written in C# for the Mono platform.

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