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I've been putting off writing about the thing that has been exciting me the most lately, but I think now is a good time to spill the beans. A while back, I was introduced to a new group here in Kansas City called the Cowtown Computer Congress, or CCCKC. It's group whose purpose is to be a coming together of technology enthusiasts in the Kansas City area. Our official probably sums it up the best:


Another year has gone by, and aft many a high tide 'tis yet again the nineteenth day of September. On this day, the inner scallywag is released on this most noble of occasions, International Talk Like a Pirate Day! 'Tis no matter how scurvy nor sea-worn ye be, whether ye be a sailor or a land-lubber, this be the day when we all talk in the nautical tone of the high sea buccaneers.

May your sails lead to adventure, and my your plunder and booty be bountiful!

LandSketch Preview Release is Available For Download!

I'm over a day late with this post, but I thought that my readers (both of you) would like to know that the preview release of LandSketch is now freely available for download on the Eagle Point ftp site. I've been pleased to find out that this release of LandSketch will run under wine (for non-Windows users), but admittedly not very well. Please go to the LandSketch blog post anouncing the release in order to download. Leave a comment and let us know what you think. Thanks.

Living at Home is Such a Drag

This week I find myself in good old Dubuque, IA again. I came home for work related stuff, and I'm staying with my parents. Sometimes it feels like I've never actually moved out.

LandSketch Demo Video

Here is my boss, Brad, doing a video demo of Eagle Point's latest and (soon to be) greatest software product. LandSketch is a subdivision design tool that is meant to save loads of time during the planning stages of land development. Brad explains it better than I, so take a look:

Last Blog (Tonight the World Ends)

I should have seen this coming. I've always known that we were going to die from our own arrogance, I just thought we'd take our time. However, at 2:30am central time (just 4 1/2 hours from right now), the good people at CERN will turn on the Hadron Supercollider, and quite possibly suck us all into a black hole. So, what I am doing to prepare for the end of the planet Earth? Tearing apart the 75th Aniversery Edition of Esquire Magazine, of course!

My Company is Blogging!

For those of you who don't know (which is very few of you, since only my dad and my brother read this site), I am a computer programmer for a company called Eagle Point. Eagle Point makes and supports software for the land development industry. Think of what The Bluth Company does (or rather doesn't do) on Arrested Development.

The World Needs an Open Source CAD Engine

Open source software has come a long way in a short time, but is in danger hitting a plateau in its corporate acceptance. Professional open source applications are either lacking or being ignored, and offices will never start embracing free software until there is an open alternative to every needed application. One of the big hurdles is the area of design software.

Windows is a Default, Apple is a Cult, Linux is a Movement

We all know that most retail desktops and laptops come with Microsoft Windows installed on them by default. Most of us are also aware that Apple's Mac sales have been steadily climbing the last few years, and are starting to take over a much larger segment of the desktop market. In addition, many of us know that desktop Linux is also growing, and that ordinary (read: non-technical) users are starting to see Linux as a viable alternative. The question is, what sort of person is attracted to each of the three major desktop operating systems?

I Have a Skeleton In My Closet . . . Literally

Last night after work, Michelle called me from school asking for a ride home. She usually walks, but she told me she didn't want to because she had to carry her "bone box". This sparked my curiosity, but when I asked, she told me she'd explain when I picked her up. There was no need to explain, as it was fairly obvious what a bone box was. Michelle is in her second year of medical school at the University of Kansas Medical Center (inaccurately abbreviated KUMC), and she recently was accepted on to something called the "dissection team".

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